Alarm and CCTV

Linkshopfitting make sure that your business is protected with the latest Alarm and CCTV systems, available in full HD quality. Our team can design a solution to fit your needs and budgets and reduce the risk of suffering financial damage caused by burglary.
Continuous 24/7 recording during working hours or at night through infrared night vision cameras allows you to keep a close eye of what is happening at your premises while you are or away from it.

The four main areas:

Our process:

Installing a CCTV system for the purpose of security and peace of mind on your business is 100% legal in UK and its your legal right. While working alone in shop or on shop counter its hard to keep an eye everywhere in your business premises and hence it is a perfect target for pickpockets and shoplifters. We can offer you a complete Security System from Security Lights, HD High Resolution Cameras and Burglar Alarms.