. Our suspended ceilings have an insulated lay-in grid system which makes maintenance as simple as possible, and we give you complete choice when it comes to designs, colours and even additional features. We have years of experience enhancing shops throughout the UK so if you would like to benefit from our suspended ceiling installation, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.
Ceiling Systems can meet many performance requirements, strength, fire, thermal, sound and vapour permeability can all be achieved. Ceiling systems are versatile, different shapes can be created with a variety of features incorporated, such as bulkheads, canopies and lighting.

Ease of modification:

Another advantage of suspended and commercial ceilings is that the easily removed panels offer instant access to the plenum, greatly simplifying repairs or alterations.Wiring and piping installed behind traditional plaster or wallboard ceilings is extremely difficult to modify once the finished ceiling is in place. Wires must either be fished through hollow spaces in the walls behind, or the ceiling must be demolished in order for wiring or piping changes to be made.

Ceiling tiles:

Link Shopfitting uses a ceiling system where each tile is manufactured from high grade gypsum boards. A gypsum board is manufactured as a gypsum core sandwiched between two layers of cardboard liner. In structure and texture the board is rather reminiscent of watercolour paper. It is precisely the surface of the cardboard liner that makes it ideal for coating with many types of paint, foils and similar applications. In addition to the fine technical properties of the surface, the flexibility of the board allows punching in the form of perforation holes, amongst other things. Each tile is sized at 600 x 600mm.

Suspended Ceilings:

Suspended Ceilings are installed for many reasons, primarily in office and retail environments they are used for aesthetic purposes. The space above the ceiling being ideal to conceal pipework, electrical and networking infrastructure. Industrial applications include acoustic barriers, thermal barriers and even anti bacterial materials for use in medical environments.
Using the highest quality materials from manufacturers such as Armstrong Ceilings, AMF Ceilings Rockwool, Treetex, British Gypsum and Knauf.

Advantages of Suspended Ceilings

Fire safety is always a factor, ceiling tiles made from mineral fibres or fire-rated wood panels can be used within the construction to meet acceptable standards and ratings. These same tiles can provide the needed additional resistance to meet the “time rating” required for various fire code, city ordinance, commercial, or other similar building construction regulations.

Multiple advantages of Link Shopfitting ceiling systems: